Since 1972 ...

… Agri-Truffe built a partnership with INRA, leading to birth of first truffle mycorrhizal trees, after 25 years of researches.

We make a list of our seeds origins and all truffles we use to inoculate our plants : in the end, there is a traceability for every relationship tree/truffle which is established.

At the end of production, an Agri-Truffe tree will be controlled 10 times, the last one done by INRA.

Today ...

… Agri-Truffe is the world leader on truffle tree market. Present on the French one, but more and more abroad, we expand our activity where the environment is fruitful for truffle.

And tomorrow ...

… Between 1972 and today, Agri-Truffe has grown, always seeking for innovation and development. That is why there is a fulltime scientist researcher in the company.

Chers clients, chers visiteurs,

Notre boutique en ligne est fermée. Les commandes pourront reprendre au début de l’automne 2021.

Vous pouvez continuer à nous contacter par téléphone ou via le formulaire de contact si vous avez besoin de conseils.

Bon été à vous. Prenez soin de vous.

L’équipe d’AGRI-TRUFFE