A knowledge

All year long, Agri-Truffe’s team carefully follows truffle trees growing. A requirement which ends with a qualitative production

High quality structures

Agri-Truffe is the world leader on truffle tree market. Every year, more than 130 000 plants are inoculated by truffle, and bred in our modern greenhouses.

An important investment was made in greenhouses, on the cutting edge of technology, with rolling tables which allow a good trees’ categorization and a staff work more qualitative.


It is the beginning of our plants production. After reception and washing our different seeds, these are put in green houses in order to get plantlets.


It is our period at Agri-Truffe. After an imperative crucialcontrol of truffles used for plants mycorrhization, it is at this moment that plant are put in jars in a substract realized by our care.


An essential step for plants growing. Automatic watering, but above all a manual one, that allows to pay attention on good evolution of our trees.


After summer, an other step is coming : sorting, done manually in totality. Every plant is classified depending on its size. That allows to categorize in greenhouses, especially for orders.


To check plants have been mycorhized by truffle, two controls are executed. The first one is done by AGRI-TRUFFE technicians, the other one by INRA whom ensures mycelium presence on root systems.


Once processed, orders are given to our shipping team. Plants are chosen carefully, depending on several standards : plantation location, climate, kind of soil, etc.

INRA labels, guarantee of plants’ mycorrhization, are stapled when we send orders to our clients.

Research progress

These last years, orchards, above all old ones, stopped their production. Agri-Truffe created a product to boost mycelium life in orchards.

Generally, the objective of this technique is to revitalize zones in loss of production, and growing these by adding truffle seed, in spores form.

In addition, it could also be used to activate the start of production  (usually not necessary).

Our team

It is all Agri-Truffe staff who is in operation to get a high quality final product.