Our team

Agri-Truffe, it is a passionate team of technicians, listening to you.

-Passionate, by what they have been doing for many years, their experience is a guarantee of quality of our truffle plant.

-Listening to trufficultors, knowing their hopes and risks, difficulties and success. That is why Agri-Truffe staff want to deliver the best product in the end.

“ We only sell what we would plants ourselves”

Damien Berlureau - CEO

Damien Berlureau joined AGRI-TRUFFE in 2006 as CEO. Today, he is considered as one of the best consultant about truffles and truffle trees. He travelled all around the world (USA, Australia, China, and many countries in Europe) to advise trufficultors, and find potential lands for trufficulture. He will help and guide you for your truffle tree plantation until harvest time.

Pierre Rouch - Technical / Sales representative

Pierre Rouch has held this double responsibility since 1987.

-As a technical, he helps trufficultors from plantation to harvest time. Subsequently, he hosts a trufficultors relay group which represent Agri-Truffe in every truffle French department, and this in relationship with trufficultors associations and their technicians.

-As a sales representative, he answers to French people who want to start a truffle orchard. He follows orders’ success and sales follow up with Nathalie, Agri-Truffe’s direction assistant. So, Pierre is in permanent contact with clients, technicians, truffle trade union, scientists and people working in truffle activity.

Pascal Arrestier - Production Manager

Pascal Arrestier joined Agri-Truffe in 1999, as technical director. He works with suppliers, investments and organize production work with permanent staff and seasonal workers. He does all quality controls, including truffle control used for mycorrhization, in duet with Dominique Mabru.

He manages every production step, and obviously, the final product, and leads experimentation all year long for progress. He also handles order shipments, collaboratively with administration service.

Nathalie Terradas - Assistant manager

She is assistant manager, and handles secretariat, accountancy, banks’ relationship, and above all, sales follow up, transport management, from first contact with clients until sending invoices. She will be your first contact on the phone.

Dominique Mabru - Research scientist

Dominique’s work at Agri-Truffe registers in a classic scientific tryptic : experimentation, observation, analysis. Here, he has to consider, a plant and a fungus which could be dependent from other factors (soil, germs) what gives complexity, but exciting to study.

-Principal activity : looking for mycorrhization improvement.

  • Quantities aspect : get “more mycorrhizae” working on, for example, enveloping spores, roots systems with different supports.
  • Quality aspect : increase, by mycorrhizae taking of cuttings, with interesting truffle orchard features.
  • Production diversification : tuber macrosporum, tuber borchii.
  • Working on mycorrhization for new kind of plants like cistus or pine trees.

-Related work :

  • Plants and truffle controls with Pascal Arrestier
  • Acti’Truffe products adaptation to orchards
  • Participation to Scientifics conferences of mycorrhizal fungi.
  • Scientific works with INRA Nancy.
Antoine Bouffard - Communication Manager

Antoine started working at Agri-Truffe in 2015. He worked in every step of production in the company, the best way to learn. With law and commercial studies, he got useful rigor and knowledge to do among others at Agri-Truffe, communication and marketing.

His other missions will be international development, he will advise with Damien Berlureau new international clients, events and congress organisation, new product development, and assisting for human resources management.

Production Team

Marie Claude and both Patrick are taking care of our plants for good growth, in the best possible environment

And now ?

You can contact us for more information about truffle trees.