Is “burned” under trees announcing truffles arriving?

The story of the burned is quite mysterious … This disappearance of vegetation under the trees is due to the activity of the fungus that creates on the soil a major water deficit and would simultaneously herbicidal action. Researchers have not been able to isolate herbicides molecules to be used as a weed killer burned …. This burned is almost always an annunciator of truffles; do not doubt, since the plant was mycorrhizal and nothing came thwart its original mycorrhizae; in general, it is 2 to 3 years before the entry into production and it comforts the planter (and the nursery!). So, a little patience, the harvest is near … But there may be burned without truffles, because it’s not just the truffle that gives rise to a burned; other fungi may do so; talking about sterile burned! Unless burned truffles do not bear fruit for reasons of technical or climatic! Moreover, the presence and importance of the burned also depends of the land and tree species. For example, will be have burned generally more pronounced in poor and little deep, and visible more quickly on hazel and oak …. It is finally possible, but extremely rare, that the entry into production is not preceded by appearance of burnt … and no explanation.