How to choose the truffle trees ?

Spring is coming !!!

Plantation will nearly start. And today, for many people, the question is : “How do Agritruffe’s team choose the trees I will plant” ?

As the same question about seeds’ origin, it is a wise question. Terroir and heritage are values very important in trufficulture, and Agri-Truffe takes care to respect these when they sell and choose plants for this or that customer.

Contrary to what we can find on trees not coming from France, Agri-Truffe sets up criteria for the selection of plants for its clients.

Choosing a batch of plants rather than another one , is not done at random : according to the geographic location, the environment and the field. After visiting and talking with people who want to plant truffle trees, plants will be selected depending on accurate specifications at Agritruffe because :

  • Our trees are classified by vegetal and fungal origin : for both seeds and truffles, our providers are truffle professional and all truffle area are spotted, with partnerships we made with truffe producers associations as URTA in Aquitaine or the same in Aude area… Generally, people who want to plant in a truffle region will get plants coming from their “own truffle environment”.
  • Our plants are sorted according to their height and diameter at the neck : All plants are not growing at the same speed (1st Mendel law). We are doing in the nursery, a very important sorting, which allows us to rule out the sale plants which are to small, less than 15cms in height and less than 3mm of diameter at the neck. Depending on the field and our client choice, we will choose plants adapted to every situation.

But, of course, as we say in France “The client is the King“, and finally, choose his plants. We do the maximum to satisfy our clients, if we can do so, it depends as well of trees disponibility. The key in truffle trees production stays trust between agritruffe’s team and truffle producers.