Do I have to consider the moon in my actions?

This is a question that we get asked often at planting and during major interventions in cultivating truffle, such as working the soil trimming. Indeed, we know that the moon affects plants and creatures living in general. The “old generations”, keen observers of nature, would speak of it better than us. If known, respect the cycle of the moon. But for us, the best rule is to apply treatment in the best possible conditions, starting with planting on well prepared ground, not frozen, and in good time.

Can we use the city water for watering truffle trees?

The city water can be used for watering truffle trees: it is that we use for breading our young plants. Watch out that it does not smell too much of chlorine. However, nothing beats spring water, wells, or collected rain runoff.

Is the irrigation necessary to produce truffles?

In the chapter “Culture”, we focus on the fact that the truffle is a fungus, which, like any fungus, certainly needs heat, but also water. “A summer without rain gives a winter without truffles”; but beware of any excess and remember that Tuber melanosporum is xérothermophile: she loves the heat, but it is more resistant to drought than to excess water. So, caution!

Should we prune the plants in the first year?

The pruning should only be done in the 2nd year; It should consist of mainly eliminating discards and to clear the base of the trunk with the goal of forming an inverted cone (see “Culture” chapter)

Is plastic mulching bad for truffles?

We have very good references production under plastic mulching, and it appears there is no risk to use it, on the contrary, it eliminates the maintenance work under trees because the grass stops growing and also limits evaporation in the summer. However, beware of asphyxiating floor (instead use woven plastics) and mind the mice that love to nest under it!

Can we use a chemical herbicide from the 1st year ?

As we recommend in chapter “Plant”, you would do better off keeping it “green“ with truffles. A good manual weeding under trees will be much more preferable. Although the use of a contact herbicide can be useful when we need to accommodate a large plantation and we ran out of time.

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