Should we put a flat stone in the hole to restrain the pivot of the plant?

Put a flat rock at the bottom of the planting hole from could be a good intention, because what we are looking for with truffle trees is spreading root system. But it causes discomfort to the roots of the oak that has a taproot system. It was found on the ground, the pivot skirted the flat stone to plunge further; this practice is useless!

Can we mix different tree species in orchards?

We can mix several species of truffle trees but separated species (oak them, hazel them …). So, we need homogeneous blocks, based on field requirements of each specie (oaks in the drier and less frost risk area, unlike the hairy …). This grouping species can treat each one specifically to solve rider problems (mildew on downy oak).

Do we have to bring, for planting, compost or other fertilizer?

Especially not! Commercial potting mixes are generally holders of acids and harmful pathogenic for truffle. For fertilizer, it’s the same, because of the risk of burning the root systems. Moreover, in trufficulture, we are not looking for fast growing for trees.

How do I know if my land is suitable for truffle cultivation ?

First determine if your field has, or not, limestone; it exists a simple method to know that: the test in hydrochloric acid; preparing a solution composed half trade acid and half full of water; putt a few drops on the floor and if it causes an effervescence is that your ground is limestone and is expected to be agreed. Next, a soil test should confirm this first approach (See chapter “Plant”).

What is the minimum number of plants for a plantation ?

There is no really minimum amount of trees to plant to create an orchard. However, if we want to increase the chances of success, it is good to install ten trees which will reproduce a grove mycelial atmosphere: the fruiting bodies even better trigger

When can we plant truffle plants?

“At St. Catherine, everything takes root,” as we say in France; St. Catherine is on November 25th. An autumn planting is always wished to a spring planting: The trees are dormant and transplanting is best. The plants already installed during Winter start faster in spring and suffer less from lack of water in summer. Exception made for the green oak: in big frost situation, we prefer to wait out the Winter. Generally, avoid planting in periods of strong frost.