News – January 2018

Agritruffe’s team wishes you the best for 2018, especially many truffles.

Here in Agri-Truffe, activities started again after December holidays. Everyone is focused on his speciality, in the nursery, laboratory, office or in the field.

In the field in France (Pierre) : Harvest season is in full swing, and January is the month in Winter where Tuber Melanosporum  is the most perfect and mature, with prices lower than Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We have good feedback on our plants and we enjoy it. Talking with our clients and representatives, they comfort us on our process. But we stay awake, with the permanent concern to show and sell the best mycorhized plant as possible!

It is also the period for truffle demonstration, events and markets. Usually, we are present on these events to talk with our clients and to show our plants and products. Pierre answers currently to our clients questions about futur plantation in Spring and on what to do in orchards in these times.

In the nursery (Pascal) : It is already time for new plants production for next season : everybody is at work and proceeds to seeds’ germination in heated and dark greenhouses to get young plants which will be inoculated in March and April. Traceability with INRA certification enforce us to check every seeds batch, sowed in terms of which truffle orchard its come from.

In the laboratory (Dominique) : It is time to receive and control truffles we will use for inoculation and for reseeding products « ACTI TRUFFE ». As the same process for seeds, every truffle is controlled under microscope at Agri-Truffe, then by INRA in Nancy. Dominique, and Pascal will welcome very soon INRA scientists team from Nancy as they can do a control of our plants we will sell this Spring.

In the office (Nathalie) : It is the moment to register orders, prepare plants shipment, answer to clients stresses, and organize delivery to our representatives trufficultors association. As for Antoine, our communication manager, he manages our website, follows orders online and oversees register and preparation of « Acti-truffe ». He ensures stewardship when groups come to visit us in the nursery, takes care of foreign clients, while assisting production managers. Damien, as CEO,  ensures all the company, works with Pierre about commercial and consultancy in orchards, exchanges with Dominique, head of Research and Development, analyses plants production and their cultivation, follows and defends our  INRA licence.

Chers visiteurs,

Jusqu’au 1er mai, opération promotion sur l’ACTITRUFFE + Aestivum var. Uncinatum.