The way of trufficulture depends on the land , the climate and possibility of irrigation. Different tasks will be : soil treating, trimming, irrigation and reseeding (if necessary).

Soil tilling

Everything is going to depend on the soil : the truffière’s ground must be ventilated. If the soil is compact, there are few chances to get truffles.

Soil treating is done with a cultivator, superficially, between 5 and 10cm deep. It is also good to gradually go away from the tree, not to disturb mycorrhiza at first. It is the depth of soil treating that determines the root systems level and therefore, future truffles (not too deep, nor not enough).

According to the type of soil, it is also possible to not treat the soil at all. But watch out ! Reversing and changing the manner of working is not an option ! Everything would be lost.


It starts the second year after planting in February/March. There is a correlation between the air system and the underground system, and what we are looking for, is for the root system to spread.

As for truffle, it needs a clear and sunny environment : we speak about an “open” environment, we shall eliminate any excessive vegetation on trees’ foot, suckers in particular.


Here, we shall speak here about micro-spraying.  What we need it is to maintain a certain freshness in the soil to help proliferation of mycelium to get formation of first truffle (truffettes at the beginning of summer). Tuber Melanosporum mycelium is resistant to drought (not too important). An excess of water is more fatal than a lack. Micro-spraying is good to irrigate all the surface where the root system is implanted, without causing soil compaction.

Soil management

AGRI-TRUFFE, these last years, has constantly been looking for innovation for trufficulture. ACTITRUFFE and ACTITRUFFE + are products, made by ourselves in order to boost truffière productivity, and to strengthen mycelium and mycorrhiza on truffle trees root system.

Terra Truffe is a substract which will be useful if you wish to add truffle spores in your orchard, then help your trees to produce more.


It is your work’s result. Follow our advice to harvest your truffles in the best possible way.