For Tuber Melanosporum, harvest time is December to March.

For Tuber Aestivum, it is from June to August.

For Tuber Uncinatum, from September to December.

Truffle’s smell is not detectable by humans, even if marks can appear on the soil where truffles are. That is why an animal is essential.


Marks are the first predictive indication of truffle presence. To be sure that it is a real one, scratch the ground carefully until you find the truffle, then put back earth in a clod form to protect the truffle until it becomes mature.


As soon as a dog smells a truffle, he scratches the soil with his legs. You will follow your dog’s work by digging the soil to remove the truffle gently. You can contact us to get advice to educate your dog to find truffles.

“Dog is Man’s best friend”. Looking for truffles, dog remains the most useful and effective way to get your truffles.

It is a typical fly called Suilla Gigantea

When you arrive around “burnt” (brûlé), facing the sun, at sunrise, use a stick to make the fly flying away, locating the place from where she left, digging and find the truffle.


They do not have to be educated, but muzzled because they eat truffle, which flavour reminds them of females in heat. This technique is increasingly rare nowadays.

Sell your truffles

We can help you to find places where you can sell your truffles.