You want to plant an “truffière”

You want to plant an “truffière” (truffle trees orchard)

In order to succeed a good production of truffles, it is important to carefully follow these four steps :

-Choose a suitable land for trufficulture (truffle culture)

-Choose the best plants for your soil and establish your plantation program, especially the density.

-Prepare the soil


Choosing a suitable land for truffle culture

Plantation quality is an essential condition for a good truffle orchard growth.

You need to ensure your land and climate are suitable for truffle production. Thanks to a soil analysis done in a specialised laboratory we work with, we will know the data.

Also, check the crop history of your land : vine, fallow, cereals. Soil preparation must be done in the good time and with care.

« If you want truffles, plant trees » Joseph Talon
Choosing the good truffle plant

Mycorrhiza tree will sow the field with truffle. Choosing the suitable tree is important. The rule is to plant what comes the most naturally.

Plantation density can change between 250 to 550 trees per hectare (or 2 acres) for Tuber Melanosporum, 800 to 1000 for Tuber Aestivum/Uncinatum

High density

Hope to produce faster but truffière lifetime will be shorter. Avoid this method on fertile land and with quick growing trees like hazel.

Low density

Contrary to high density, production starts slower here, but lifetime is longer. The richer is the field, the larger we can plant, and more intensively.

Soil preparation

Light plowing of maximum 30cm, with a cultivator. Avoid any deep decompression going up from the bad ground to the surface.

On the other hand, on lands left unworked for several years, decompacting with a ripper on planting lines (40-50cm) is suitable. That will promote the installation of oak which has a rotating root system and ensure a good supply of water for later.


Crucial operation. A bad plantation would delay the beginning of production and would generate loss of plants during the first year.

The plantation quality is the first sign for future tree life.


Tree and truffle must be taken into account at the same time. The goal is to ensure a good tree recovery after planting, with a regular growth, to allow the root system to colonize the soil.