URTA association visiting AGRI-TRUFFE

In October, some members of URTA (Trufficultors association in Aquitaine), important association of trufficultors and client of Agritruffe, came and visit us on our production place.

Damien Berlureau, AGRI-TRUFFE CEO, welcomed them and did a presentation of our company, our history, our knowledge, our products.

Then, Dominique, our Searcher/Scientist, did a presentation about research on truffle trees.

In the end, Pierre, AGRI-TRUFFE technical/sales representative, showed to visitors our greenhouses and our trees. He explained them how our plants are growing, and how important it is to have and use modern greenhouses to get truffle plants of high quality.

Thanks to URTA and its members, it was great to interchange with them, and listening their feeling of what is happening on their orchard.

To come and visit US, just contact us by phone and email to plan your visit.

Chers visiteurs,

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Nous vous remercions pour votre compréhension et restons à votre disposition.

L’équipe d’Agri-Truffe