A story

Over the years, a partnership has been developed between Agri-Truffe, who brings unique experience and knowledge, and INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research), which brings research progress

A knowledge

Either in greenhouses, for production and plants breeding, or on the field to advise trufficultors, Agri-Truffe always tries to do the best to satisfy our clients, and going ahead for innovation

A team

Agri-Truffe, is above all a team of enthusiast technicians who will carefully listen and advise you.

Chers visiteurs,

la gamme de produits Actitruffe et Terra Truffe est disponible jusqu’au mardi 15 mai. La disponibilité des plants s’arrêtera quant à elle à la fin du mois de mai.

Merci de votre compréhension.

L’équipe d’Agri-Truffe.